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Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling by Pro-Tec Contracting

Shower conversion, bath liners, fixture replacement, vanity space, layout design, what does your Phoenix bathroom ACTUALLY need to make it the best looking room in the house? Pro-Tec Contracting is here to help answer this question and more! Our experts have been assisting homeowners in Phoenix transform their bathrooms since 1990 and we can do the same for you! Whatever your next bathroom remodeling project is, we’ve done it! Just take a look at our gallery pages to see some of the incredible work we’ve done in the Phoenix area over the years.

Is it time to Replace Your Phoenix Bathtub or Shower?

Your bathtubs won’t last forever, but is it time to replace it? Could a bath liner or conversion to a shower be a better option? Pro-Tec Contracting has helped Phoenix homeowners assess these common issues quickly and efficiently! There is seldom only one solution to a bathroom renovation question, so be sure to work with a team that has all the answers!  To start, consider these signs of an ailing or less than idea bath or shower situation, if this sounds like your fixtures it may be time for a conversation with Pro-Tec Contracting:

  • Staining – A hard to clean tub could be a sign that your finish has become porous and is harboring mildew or mold deposits
  • Spidered spots – If the finish of your tub is cracking, a new bath liner could cover up these chips and lengthen the life of your shower or bath
  • Family needs – Tub too small or no longer need a stand alone shower? Your changing family could mean you need an upgrade

Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling Options

The world is your oyster when you decide to begin a bathroom remodeling project! With so many considerations it can start to become overwhelming, which is why Pro-Tec Contracting in Phoenix has created a short list of important options to think about:

  • Bathtubs – Offered in a wide variety of styles and sizes.
  • Combinations – Have the best of both a shower and bath with a combination unit
  • Showers – Shower remodel could be a lone feature or an addition to your current bath
  • Walk-in Tubs – These easily accessible bathtubs offer low entry and safety comforts for your family
  • Tub to shower remodeling for greater Phoenix

Replacing Bath Materials in Phoenix

Bath remodel materials matter when it comes to your Phoenix home which is why Pro-Tec Contracting offers a huge selection! Consider these when planning your next bathroom remodel:

  • Acrylic – Endlessly customizable and durable. Acrylic tubs require virtually no maintenance which makes them a great choice for every type of bathroom.
  • Fiberglass – Lightweight and low maintenance, these slightly less durable tubs are best for less often used bathrooms
  • Enameled steel – Porcelain coated steel tubs are heavy and long lasting, perfect for a first floor bathroom.
  • Cast iron – A blast from the past these heavy and durable tubs become a permanent fixture in your home
  • Granite – Beautiful and luxurious, with proper maintenance these tubs can last a lifetime

Choosing Pro-Tec Contracting for your Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling

You don’t have time to wait around for unresponsive contractors. That is why Pro-Tec Contracting has created a full proof plan for completing your home’s bathroom project quickly and efficiently. Work with our design consultants to build a bathroom remodeling plan for your Phoenix bathroom. Fill out a simple survey online or give us a call at 602-675-0860 today!

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